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We Are World Series Champions And Thats Whats Up.

October 31 2012 by Kow

SF Giants
The San Francisco Bay Area celebrated in style as the SF Giants came home to a rousing ticker parade.

It's Halloween, and the traditional holiday coupled with the bright orange and black colors filled the air with SF Bay Area pride. The San Francisco Giants celebrated their 2012 World Series victory with their fans.

And it was oh so sweet.

People skipped work. Kids played hooky. Chants of "Lets Go Giants" echoed off the walls.

For over a mile and a half down Market Street, the World Series rally proceeded to SF City Hall lined six people deep from the curbs for a chance to see their heroes. Many in the front, had slept on the street or in their cars to position themselves for the best views. Some even carried brooms and held them up high to celebrate the 4-0 series sweep.

Unlike the prior nights before that were filled with riots, street bonfires, and property damage, today was tame and well behaved. On this day, it was about celebration and a chance to share it with the community and players.

SF Giant pitcher Matt Cain with wife
SF Giants Matt Cain

SF Giants Coach Bruce Bochy with trophy
SF Giants coach Bruce Bochy

3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval en route
SF Giants Pablo Sandoval

Excited fans near City Hall
SF Giants Parade

City Hall before players arrival
SF City Hall 2012 Giants Parade

Scene outside Market Street
SF City Hall 2012 Giants Parade

SF Giants players posing at City Hall with the championship trophy
SF Giants team

When all was said and done, SF Giant relieve pitcher Sergio Romo summed it all up.

"We are all World Series Champions. And that's whats up."
- Sergio Romo

SF Giants

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