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Windows 8 To Have No DVD Support

July 1 2012 by Kerry Kobashi

DVD disc
The DVD is dead and Microsoft doesn't want you to use it. Microsoft says that it will not have DVD support in its upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

A Few Bucks Adds Up To A Whole Lot

The reasoning is that it will save the company from paying for licensing fees for the various music and video file formats built into the product.

So by default, you won't be able to watch your old library of DVD movies on your laptop, desktop, or tv screen. If you create DVD movies, there's a chance you won't be able to do that too.

Windows 7 has sold close to 500 million copies worldwide. If they save $1 per unit by not putting DVD support in Windows 8, that is a $500 million savings that goes to their bottom line. But will the consumer really see that cost difference? What's a few dollars. The cost of the retail box is going to be priced rounded up. So you won't see $98.95 on the shelf, you'll see $99.95, right?

Windows DVD Player Software

While many of you will be inconvenienced by this, I went out and generated this list of DVD software player and recording software.

Although each of these currently run on Windows 7, there is no guarantee they will work for Windows 8. It should be noted that if the software relies on the Windows Media Player Application Programming Interface (API) and Microsoft takes the DVD code out, these programs could be crippled. So make sure they are Windows 8 compatible before you purchase.

DVD Player Software

  • Roxio CinePlayer with 3D
  • VLC Player
  • BlazeDVD
  • WinAmp Media Player
  • WinX DVD Pplayer
  • ArcSoft Total Media Theatre
  • Corel WinDVD Pro

DVD Recording Software

Nero Burning ROM 11

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