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How Much Does It Cost To Mail A Letter In The United States?

I want to give my brother some extra money to mail some letters in the US to family for me. How much is it to mail an envelope? 40 cents?

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Cost of stamp going up

Update: 10/19/11

Its going up to 45 cents starting next year (January 22, 2012)

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i posted via manual mail a

i posted via manual mail a lot ago...i recall its more than 40 cents

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Who would ever thought

That I would find my answer on Kow? I forgot how much it costs for a postage stamp and lo and behold, the answer is right here. I agree with AMiller, what's their excuse this time to raise postage rates? Rising operational costs? Gas prices have gone down and postal workers should be taking a pay cut in this economy just like everyone else.

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the cost of mailing a letter is too high

Why arent they considering that gas prices are much lower now by 30%? Whats the postal service's next excuse to bump up postage stamp rates? They have never lowered it through history, just keep raising it. Clearly runaway inflation.

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the cost of mailing a letter is too high

I understand how you feel but, the way I look at it is that some guy comes to my house and picks up a letter. Then it gets sorted and sent to anywhere I want it to go in the world (almost I think) or at least the USA.And they do all this for $.42 cents,less than half a buck,hmmm I cant even buy a candy bar or a cup of coffe for that price.So when I look at it like this 2me its a pretty good deal.(and no I dont work for the post office) Really I understand but most everything has gone way up^ in price,and yes gas has gone down but it was way over priced anyway IMHO. Anyway thats my 2cents worth although I guess its more like a quarters worth now.


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The cost of mailing a letter goes up

On May 11, 2009 the cost to mail a letter in the United States will go up two cents. The price of a first class stamp will be 44 cents.

United States Postal Service cites "rising operational costs" are causing the increase in postage rates.

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Postage stamp prices are going up again

I read somewhere yesterday that the US Postal Service is going to raise postage stamps to 44 cents

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I'm pretty sure its 42 cents

Postage For Letters

But it depends on weight and size of a letter. Assuming that its a standard size envelope:

  • Less than 1 ounce: $0.42
  • Less than 2 ounces: $0.59
  • Less than 3 ounces: $0.76
  • Less than 3 1/2 ounces: $0.93

As always the price changes but this is the present cost.