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Did Beyonce Knowles Lipsync?

January 23 2013 by Kerry Kobashi

Beyonce Knowles
It's becoming all too common these days - that of recording artists showing up doing live performances only to fake it by lip synching. The word a buzz today is that Beyonce Knowles faked her performance in the singing of the National Anthem.

This Tuesday, superstar recording artist Beyonce Knowles was invited by the President to sing the National Anthem live before the American public. She rehearsed with the US Marine Band the day before and pre-recorded the session. The rationale behind that was to serve as a backup just in case the weather changed or something happened to the singer or band to prevent them from performing.

Come the day of the performance, she supposedly last minute, decided to use the pre-recorded track as her performance. According to US Marine Band representative Kristin DuBois, Beyonce made a last minute decision to air the pre-recorded sound track.

Well hoo ha.

If all of this is true, you really shouldn't be surprised. Technically, it may be lip synching, but you got to be pretty naive to think that any live or recorded music session isn't fudged a bit. Most live performances are "embellished" and sung to a backtrack of a singer's voice. In this case, if you got one hell of a beautiful singing voice, its going to sound pretty raw in 40 degree weather (as it was in Washington Tuesday). To reduce the potential for an embarrasing performance, the on stage sound engineer is continuously monitoring sound inputs and overlaying the pre-recorded version with the live performance by mixing.

At the start of the song, the output may be a 80% pre-recorded to 20% live performance. Then, as the singer's voice warms up and can sync to the music in stride and on key, the output is adjusted higher biased to the real voice.

If you look at the video, you will notice that she looks uncomfortable at the start. This is understandable. Realize she is putting a hell of a lot of faith in the people running the audio system. Realize she isn't in a controlled environment where the sound quality is pre-checked and optimized like in a recording studio or an arena.

At around the 0:08 to 0:12 mark you can sense this and that she is trying to synch to the music playing in her earpiece. Midway throughout the performance at the 1:21 mark, she rips the ear piece out. This usually happens when either the volume gets over bearing, the music is out of synch or as a signal to her sound engineer that she is fully capable of delivering the performance on her own. You can see that she hits her stride and opens up really big after that.

Singing in cold weather is not easy. Prove it to yourself by going to the shower and turn on the cold water Now sing. I bet that your teeth are chattering and that "brrrr" feeling overcomes you. Next, turn on the warm water. You're going to notice a difference. You're at ease, relaxed, comfortable. Standing before The President Of The United States and the American public, which would you prefer to present yourself if you are a professional singer? You'd want the best of yourself. Not some teeth chattering hack job.

Forget about the lip synching. Most singers do, especially the one's who can't sing and need help (autotune or Milli Vanilli anyone?).

Hey, lets get real here. This is Beyonce Knowles and we know she can sing. If you have any doubt whatsoever, listen to the video below to tell the difference between studio enhanced recording and a raw, unplugged session.

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