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What 50 Years Have Taught Me

July 30 2012 by Kerry Kobashi

Success ladder
A reflection on 50 years of living and what my life has taught me and what it can teach you.

Life's Lessons List

  • You can come from nothing to become something
  • Ultimately, your family's values instilled within will guide you throughout life
  • Loss in life, if handled correctly, makes you stronger
  • A college education and continual nourishment of the mind will always open doors of opportunities
  • A life well planned will result in a life well lived
  • Balance the four boxes of life: Home, Family, Finances, Health and everything will be ok
  • Thinking out of the box often times gets you farther
  • Success = Know what you want + take action + observe + make little changes
  • To be successful in anything, you must learn from failures
  • If you direct your mind and body to something that is very deep and personal, you will achieve your outcome
  • Enthusiasm and creativity coupled with obtained knowledge produces awesome results
  • A person changes for the worst when money is the main focus
  • The best job in the world is the one where you help people
  • If the world understood the differences between desires, wants, and needs, it would be a better place
  • When you are told you have 5 years left to live, you prove them wrong and live 10 more

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