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How To Share

December 28 2012 by Kow

Just one thing shared can change someone's life. Only, you have to be big enough of a person for it to succeed.

How To Make A Lasting Impact

Start by taking something that benefits you. Make it something meaningful, something significant. Not something that is pedestrian or mundane.

Then share it.

If the person whom you share with, abides by the rules of engagement, then he/she will in turn share with another person. Ad infinum.

The problem is, it's the rules of engagement that gets in the way in our lives. Forget about it's monetary value. That is where things go awry. Being connected is where the benefits will show.

Everybody in this world should have access to bigger and better things in life. Its just that these days, people are unwilling to share and are caught up in meaningless things.


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