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We're No Longer On Facebook

January 10 2013 by Kerry Kobashi

Just wanted to let our readers know that we are no longer on Facebook.

I deactivated both Fan Page and Company accounts so that I can focus more on my other projects.

Although I felt obliged to entertain you on Facebook, I really would rather entertain you here. Besides, there was really no benefit being on Facebook other than making new connections and that was happening at a snail's pace. It is a lot of work trying to connect with new people and increase readership. So much that it just wasn't worth my time to do so.

Also, it was difficult maintaining connections on Facebook. Messages get lost in the stream unless you are on top of it 24/7 and looking at your wall constantly. Frankly, I really was never much of a fan of FB. To me its just one big scrolling shout box (for those who used to run Content Management Systems know what I mean) where your post gets placed on everyone's wall. Some read it, most don't, and more times than not, the message has scrolled off the viewable portion of your wall. So really, timing is everything and its worse if you got a lot of friends launching messages at the same time.

I never really saw the utility in this, especially when it is abused. If you ever used Twitter, its even worse. Lately, I had noticed a lot of spammy type of posts showing up on my wall. Its became hard to sift through the small number of meaningful posts versus the large number of garbage posts. And its only getting worse as people want your attention.

Yes, I realize I can hide or un-friend the perpetrators. But really, I don't have any time or desire to do that as I have too little time on my hands. The problem mentioned above will always exist. You can say that Facebook has turned from a fairly civilized site to now a wild and wooly Myspace kind of website.

We will still maintain our profile on Twitter as a bulk of our traffic comes from it. We also will keep our old Myspace profile for historic purposes although we don't post to it much for obvious reasons. But for Facebook, we say good bye. If you are a reader of our website here at KerryOnWorld, you get the same information anyway.

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