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Diet Soda Increases Risk of Diabetes, Study Says

February 8 2013 by Kerry Kobashi

Soda water
Stay away from diet soda says a research team at the University of Paris.

66,188 French women were analyzed over a 14 year stretch to see if there was a link between diet soda and Type II diabetes. The results are disturbing.

Women who drank diet soft drinks were found to consume more than those of regular soft drinks by a 2.8 to 1.6 glasses per week ratio. When they drank an equal number of glasses, the risk of Type II diabetes increased by 15%. And, to test if it was indeed diet soda that caused the risk, the researchers introduced 100% naturally squeezed fruit juices into the mix and found no increased diabetes risk. That to me is significant and conclusive enough to stay away from soda water and sugar substituted drinks.

Further, the study said that drinking artificially sweetened drinks made the women crave more sweetened foods. They found that increased intake of aspartme laded drinks caused an increase in glycaemia and a rise in their insulin level in comparison to regular sugar/sucrose.

The French researchers concluded that drinking regular soft drinks is linked to a high risk of getting Type II diabetes and with diet sodas the risk increases even more.

Over the years, I drank quite a bit of soda water. As a young software engineer, there were many nights spent behind the desk coding and trying to keep up with tight project schedules. To keep me awake, I drank lots of canned soda when the company didn't supply it. When they did, I headed over to the kitchen where the soda dispensers were located. I wouldn't doubt this is the reason why I have Type I (not II) diabetes to this date. And yes, I can tell you that having diabetes sucks.

Over the years, I was forced to change my habits and have been drinking sparkling water and 100% orange juice. But after reading the French article, I took a look at the ingredients in the sparkling water and found aspartme in it. Besides natural juices, water, and milk, you can't win either way.

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