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The New Improved Apple iPhone 5

September 13 2012 by Kerry Kobashi

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The day arrived and Apple enthusiasts around the world got what they wanted - a new iPhone 5 with improved features.

Apple took the wraps off the anticipated upgrade to their new offering in their iPhone lineup yesterday in San Francisco, California. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Inc. unveiled the year's most anticipated mobile offering.

As Cook spoke, volatility in Apple stock zoomed up and down in anticipation of the announcement. By the end of the day all was said and done with the stock responding with a 1% gain. As I write this piece in the wee morning the day after, the stock has further climbed to nearly recover off its all time high at $683 Monday (trading at $675 now). This is important, because Apple has been a major leading stock and sentiment driver of the markets since the downfall of the 2007 mortgage crisis. It is up more than 10,000% from over a decade prior.

Having said that, lets look at whats new. There's a theme surrounding this release - the "Faster. Lighter. Thinner." model.

Faster in the sense that connection speeds support LTE. DC-HSDPA and dual band Wi-Fi support for up to 150Mbps; a new ARM A6 CPU too. It's lighter in that it now sits in a sleek aluminum casing in a similar height and width form factor to the 4S. It's thinner in the sense that it is now 20% smaller than the iPhone 4S too It's all good, as they say.

But while a faster CPU and wireless support is wonderful, what I like is the new 4" Retina display with more pixels at 1136x640 resolution. I've never been a big fan of small displays for cell phones. I realize it is due to form factor and fitting the thing in your pocket. But when you stare at a little screen to interact with the device, old eyes like mine have to look real hard. I hate squinting! 4" glass is better than 3.5" glass anyday.

This is a significant upgrade.

Some will say it isn't and are simply spoiled. Perhaps they are looking for their cell phone to run their life and cook, clean, and bathe for them too. Hey, given this is a major number release what more do you want?. Sure its easy to point the finger and complain about things that never made it into the upgrade. But listen, that is exactly what keeps this iPhone train moving forward . Apple knows you have have an appetite to want more.

Apple iPhone 5

Given the product is 5 years old and there is heavy competition, innovation and features are not going to wow like they did when it first came out. Copycatting your competitors (like Samsung did) isn't going to work anymore (think lawsuit). For those who expect more, your in for a disappointment in the road ahead. Start appreciating what is being added and realize there is a lot of engineering and ducks that have to line up to keep the momentum going.

This is standard fare for the road ahead. It's the same feeling you get get when it comes to your PC desktop. We've reached the levels where there's little left to put into it other than a new version of Windows every few years, more memory or a faster CPU. Its not something that you can see growth in. Rather, it is what it is. And now its about sustaining your investment, just like your existing car where you take it in for an oil change.

If you are an existing Apple iPhone owner, they got you and you are hooked for life. That is the Apple Way. And if you don't own an iPhone and are still sitting on the fence, this is the version to own. The Samsung Galaxy III does give this a run for the money. But if you do own it, I would think this would be one you won't have to upgrade for another 5 years as in the future.

The iPhone 5 will likely be totally replaced with something new with all existing features implemented within. Who knows, the next design could be something you wear around your head.

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