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The New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE

September 6 2012 by Kerry Kobashi

Kindle Fire 4G LTE Launch
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, introduced today before a packed crowd in Santa Monica, California a new edition to the Kindle line of tablet and eBook readers a 8.9" 4G LTE tablet.

Its All About Services

Speaking in regards to today's existing eBook readers:
"Nobody bought them. Why? Because they were gadgets. And nobody wants gadgets. They want services. A hardware device as a service. That's what everybody wants. We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices. If somebody buys our device and puts it in a desk drawer, we don't deserve their money" said Bezos.

Kindle Fire HD Tablet Features

  • 1.5Ghz dual core CPU
  • Android operating system
  • 8.9" 1920x1200 screen
  • 254 ppi, anti glare HD display
  • Dual band, 4G LTE WiFi
  • Dolby audio with dual speakers
  • Front facing camera
  • 11 hours battery life
  • Amazon Cloud storage

The Kindle Fire HD comes with a Texas Instrument OMAP4470 dual core CPU and Imagination SGX544 3d graphics chip that will make your games and graphic applications run smoothly. And unlike the Apple iPad, the Kindle Fire 4G LTE comes with a minimum 32 GB of internal memory. To store your files and back them up, there is Amazon's own Cloud service.

To speed up Internet bandwidth use, the product comes with dual Wi-Fi antennas which speed up downloads by as much as 40% over the Apple iPad and over 50% faster than Google's Nexus. But the best feature is the low cost bandwidth package. If you are tired of paying $50/month for data usage, you now have a reason to take notice. The Kindle Fire 4G LTE 250MB bandwidth plan is only $50 per year. That is a $550/year savings and you get to roam anywhere.

Is this a game changer?

Yes, in the sense that when you look at Kindle Fire as a e-Reader, it definitely is. No other reader comes even close. Although I reserve judgement in not being able to compare the display on the traditional e-Ink Kindle with the IPS screen.

Yes, in that it is a step up in the mid range tablet market. Consider that the 32GB iPad 3 (the New IPad), sells for $729, has a 2048-by-1536 retina display in a 9.7" form factor. To compete at this level at a lower price point is short of a miracle. But remember, as Bezos said, this is all about selling services and Amazon can reduce the price of the Kindle 4G LTE to compete and make it back from electronic book, Cloud, and other sales.

Back in October 2011 I mentioned one important factor in Amazon's marketing strategy:

"The Kindle Fire is the best permission based marketing device in the world"

It's a brilliant strategy marrying a consumer electronic device with your own online eCommerce site.

While heads will turn to the faster CPU and graphics; dual band WiFi and $50/year bandwidth usage fee, for heavy Internet users who stream video and music, 250MB/month will to the blink of the eye. AT&T is the carrier, and you will be able to upgrade your data plan to 3GB ($30/month) and 5GB ($50/month). Still, thats a far cry from $50/year and you likely are going to go over that. Its no different in any tablet 3G/4G offering.

The Android app market is very rich and mature. So in comparison to the iPad app market, there really isn't much difference to compare. That is, unless a particular app is not made available for that device.

One can say that as tablets come out in the future, new features added to the devices will be few. At some point, they will all start to look and feel the same if they aren't already morphing into that right now. Still, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a welcome edition to the tablet wars and for those still sitting on the fence, this ups the ante for what's to come.

Amazon Kindle Pricing

Pricing for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Wireless 32 GB model starts at $499. Other models are available as well. The 7" Kindle Fire HD with 16GB memory is $199. The 32GB version is $249.

Shipping for the Kindle Fire 4GLTE starts September 20th. You can order yours by clicking on the banner ad links below.

Kindle Fire 4G LTE HD

Kindle Fire 8.9" 4G LTE

Kindle Fire 8.9"

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