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Half Of WiFi Homes Can Be Hacked Study Finds

October 20 2010 by Kerry Kobashi

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A United Kingdom study found that half of the WiFi homes it tested were capable of being hacked in under 5 seconds.

CPP Group Plc, a leading identity and credit card protection company in York conducted an ethical hacking experiment in six UK cities.

An ethical hacker was assigned to drive around communities to conduct the test. This act, commonly called "wardriving" involves using special hacking software to tap into surrounding wi-fi public networks to exploit it.

The ethical study also found that 25% of the homes had no password which is an astonishing figure and suggests that user education needs to be improved.

Unsecured networks leave open criminal activity to hackers who can capture user names and passwords along with other personal information that lead to further exploits.

What You Can Do To Secure Your Wireless Network

First, read your wireless router manual. This is usually provided on the CD shipped with the product.

You need to log into the wireless administration panel using your browser. Enter in the URL to get to it. You will be prompted for a username and password. If you don't remember it, you will have to reset the router to it's original settings. Look inside your manual for instructions how to do that.

After logging into the administration panel, look for a section that will set the security mode. Older routers will only have WEP as an option. If you have a newer model, set the security mode to WPA2. Again, read the manual on how to do this.

Do not be afraid or scared if you are not technically inclined. This procedure is easy and doesn't take any knowledge other than choosing these settings. If you need assistance, call up the technical support line for the manufacturer.

Make sure that you also write down all important information and keep it in a safe place.

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