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We here at Kow like to think everyone has something to offer. Throughout your life and as you live, you have gained knowledge and are learning new things. We want to hear about those experiences and what you pay attention to.

We want you to write about things that really matter in a way just like you talk. We want you to search deep inside and find your inner voice and resonate with passion.

Write About Things That Matter.

What to write? Things that you are expert at!

Have an interest in parenting? Got a really bad love for photography? Crave everything new in technology? Enjoy talking about the stock market? Have an opinion on modern day politics? Write and discuss it!

We want you to write to own your subject and show us you know your stuff.

Social Content. Social Message.

As a registered user, we let you publish stories to our social newspaper community. Choose among a range of categories then go ahead and bring it!

All stories that are submitted go through us for editorial review. Yes, we do things manually around here like checking your grammar and spelling. We also make sure that you aren't writing stuff nobody cares about like spam or hate pieces.

Once your story is approved, it will be posted as the main headline for all to see. You take credit for it all. We even let you have a profile with a biography that can point back to your personal blog or company website.

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Kerry Kobashi